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About Paxys, Inc.

Paxys Inc. ("Paxys" or the "Company") is a company incorporated in the Philippines and listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange (symbol: PAX). Paxys focuses on investments in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and related sectors within the Asia Pacific region.

The Company, formerly known as Fil-Hispano Holding Corporation, was incorporated in 1952 and was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange in 1971. The Company closed down and sold off its tile manufacturing operations from 1999 to 2002.

In 2004, the principal shareholder of Advanced Contact Solutions, Inc. (ACS), a leading call center company, acquired a controlling stake in Paxys through a reverse takeover by injecting 100% of ACS into the Company, effectively making Paxys the first call center to be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. In October 2005, the Company changed its name to Paxys, Inc. to better describe its current focus on BPO investments within the Asia Pacific region.

By the end of 2005, Paxys initiated its drive to transform itself into a complete BPO company. To date, Paxys has made additional acquisitions in the areas of legal scoping and transcription (ScopeWorks Asia Inc), information technology (UR Solutions, Inc.), and salary packaging administration (SmartSalary Pty Ltd). Paxys also jointly incorporated two new Philippine call centres - Stellar Global Solutions Philippines Inc. (together with the Stellar Group of Australia) and WNS Philippines Inc. (together with WNS Holdings of India).

The Company has set a strategic direction that will continue to diversify its target markets and service lines to reduce exposure to one particular market or industry. In view of this strategic direction, ACS was sold in January 2011. The resources obtained from this transaction shall be mainly used for future investments and settlement of debts.

The sale of ACS was the first step in executing the current strategy of repositioning Paxys to better capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the BPO industry. This differentiation strategy focuses on building a global organization delivering hosted, vertical specific solutions and cloud services to mid-sized companies in select, high growth industries, e.g. healthcare. Investments in next generation IP enabled networks, utility priced hosted services and business analytics will provide the means for Paxys to provide integrated agent assist and self care solutions through multiple platforms. These capabilities will permit Paxys' clients to lower customer support costs while enhancing customer revenue and retention.

In light of the Company's focus to expand within the region, Paxys is actively seeking other investment opportunities in the BPO sector and related high-growth sectors within the Asia Pacific region.

Why Outsource?
Outsourcing of non-core functions allows companies to focus on their core competencies, access best industry practices to increase the quality of non-core services, and significantly impact their bottom lines by saving on costs.

The Philippine Advantage
Due to historical ties and cultural affinity with the United States, the Philippines offers a high degree of written and spoken English proficiency as well as familiarity with Western political, educational, legal, and accounting conventions. The Philippines has an abundant labor pool that is young, motivated, educated, and proficient in the English language. Labor is cost effective, and telecommunications services have been deregulated, resulting in abundant bandwidth and low telecoms costs between the Philippines and the United States.

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